Pocket Social App

Easiest event app to build a community and bring like-minded people together.


I am a big proponent of attending meet ups, conferences, industry, lunch–and–learns for networking, learning new trends, building a help network. And when I was approached to design/build “a product that would bring like minded people together and a simple way for people to host events and share skills”; I was mentally onboard before the initial concept pitch ended.


An abstract idea, was there between between me, our director, company investors. We all wanted an app that brought like minded people together.

We all wanted to create an app that allowed anyone to create an event on their phone and share it with their friends or invite anyone. We wanted to empower hosts to also be able to charge event attendees if they wanted.

Product Positioning

Existing Solutions


Being a regular Meetup user, I was able to tap into Meetup event organizer circle and attendee circle to find out their gripes with the organizing events and attending an event.

Two user groups

  • Organizers
  • Attendees

And we also did some quantitative surveys online

  • SurveyMonkey
  • Typeform

Organizer Responses – Selected

Organizers wanted a whole lot things for event organizing apps – analytics, landing pages, payment gateway, in-built project management.

Attendees Responses – Selected

Just four sample responses to show that peple had opinions about meetup events.


After the in-person interviews and user surveys we had a pretty good idea of the things that our product needed to have for both organizers and attendees.


We started off building our app with a Card Sorting test with a group of 10 people (a mix of both Android and Apple users)


We did paper prototyping before we began anything digital. This gave us rough idea of button placement and button copy. Not surprisingly our results were similar to some of the current event apps.

And I have a habit of building detailed interactive wireframes with every piece on copy that a UI would need.

Creating events userflow

Editing Events Userflow

Searching Events userflow

Searching Events Userflow 2


This screen capture is after the app was released and in the App iTunes store.


I designed all screens in Sketch.

The Team

Steven D. – Project Director
Akshay Chauhan – Lead UX Designer
Fumie W. – UX Designer
Mac P. – Lead iOS developer
Miky – Backend Developer

Available on iOS and Android

Simple social event creation app ever made, made possible by amazing team of designers and developers.

Pocket Social App