Mountain Climbers App

Yelp for hikers

Introduction – Why

There are more than 1,000 provincial parks and protected areas in British Columbia that receive over 20 million visits each year. visitors use the parks for hiking and exploration, in addition to camping, swimming, and other outdoor activities, but our company wants to make this experience a breeze.

Mountain Climbers wants to bring these parks and trails to life and provide information to help those people get out and explore the wilderness. This mobile application helps hikers look through vast number of trails in BC, and creates sense of community among them by giving them a platform to share their experience.

The App

We decide to go for a clean and modern UI. More focus of legibility and readability. More focus on line height, typeface weight selection to reduce cognitive load. Content chunking and subheading to increase glanceability of content.

Mountain Climbers iOS App BCIT

Screens UI

I designed all screens in Sketch. Apart from Filter screen I was satisfied with other screen. Images were taken from Unsplash.

These UIs were designed in less than a week after Wireframes, were approved.

Mountain Climbers iOS App BCIT

Prototype 1

Interactive Wireframes

I build interactive prototypes in less than an hour to test broad app navigation and button positioning.

Prototype 2

InVision Prototype

Pitch Deck


Duration: 2 months
Stakeholders: Nikki, UX Digital Design Program Head, BCIT
Teammates: Nikki(Backend + Framework), Mariia(AngularJS), Akshay(UX and Frontend)

Design & Development

Framework 7
Invision App
HTML5 and CSS3

Project Included

Mobile-first app
Pitch Deck
Product Roadmap