Slides from my previous talks coming soon

A crazy design history..

I have worked as a storyboard artist, architectural photographer, continuity photographer, corporate videographer, stop–motion animator, lighting artist, render wrangler, video compositor, graphic designer before I became a UX and Product Designer. And as a designer, I have worked with global brands and companies whose design standards decimate the discussion “Why is design important?”

As a result, there are lots of things that I’d love to share with people. Below there are topics that I love to talk about and Workshops I conduct for companies, students, developers.

In my opinion if people know which books to read what checklist to follow what projects/clients to take on, they can master any professional. And for those who don’t know, thats where my presentations come in..

Topics that I love to talk about

  • Typography In Apps
  • Scalable Enterprise Apps: Do things right the first time
  • Visual Esthetics: Why you should care about everything
  • Product Designer: First two months
  • Design Principles
  • Unwritten UX Design Principles
  • Design Bottlenecks
  • Don’t trust universities trust people
  • Designs Schools around the world
  • Hiring UX/Product Designer is too big to be left with HR(One person)
  • Applying CRO strategies to products
  • Agencies vs Product Companies: Choosing the right one

Workshops that I conduct

  • Design Thinking: Create smoother customer experience(CX)
  • Designing Apps in 4hours
  • Product Research in 4hours

Some recent slides from my talks:

Scalable Enterprise Apps

Slides coming soon..

Typography in Apps

Slides coming soon..

Interested in having me present a talk or teach a workshop?