This website has come a long way from its inception, I shared my Website at Portfolio Review Session organized by Creative Pulse and got feedback from over 8 creatives(Art Director, Creative directors, Senior art directors, Senior copywriters) from Vancouver’s top advertisement agencies like DARE, Noise Digital, Invoke, DDB, and Drive Digital.
In other words their critique helped me improve my website and portfolio.

Pretty sure they would still remember my Coat of Arms illustration project.

Version 1.0

New design, new branding
1st Feb 2016

  • New branding
  • Assets optimized for mobile
  • Typeface optimized for mobile
  • JS and CSS minified
  • Projects other than UX related removed
  • Content Revision done

Version 0.2

Upcoming Changes

  • Minify js and css
  • Rewrite footer code.
  • Content Strategy for mobile portfolio site implemented
  • Logos to be added
  • Inspired by Vancouver and secondary pages’ content populated
  • Content Revision done

Version 0.1b


  • Portfolio linked to Behance
  • Blog linked to my Medium
  • Colour scheme to be fixed

Version 0.1

Oldest release
Released on December 12, 2014

  • Converted my Personal branding Illustrator design to template on WordPress
  • Plan sections of the website and IA
  • Left out responsive grid, in this release
  • Left out custom Icons otf for UI, in this release.
  • Logo not added, using headline text till next release.
  • Footer and signup are separate and different color.
  • Copy might have grammatical errors
  • Due to lack of time left the css to inline, when I will recode the site in Boostrap everything will be cleared.