I have been fortunate to work with multinational brands when I worked in brand management agency. I worked under an experienced ad agency designer who apart from delegating task shared the deep insights, about major ad agencies. My boss was a big shot news editor and let me in on most of the big client meetings, as I was the youngest person in that company, Good ol days.

I love agencies but I love building /designing products more. You wouldn’t understand that unless you switch from ad service agency to a product company.

For the brands below, I worked as graphic and interaction designer, designed blogs to application concepts. Followed their global brand guidelines, was also sort of a Picture Researcher for them on some projects. Trying to find the best photograph for their print/web campaigns on their own Global Brand Asset platforms.

I worked on so many of their projects that, I remembered their brand colours by their hex codes, typefaces(and weights) and layout structures.


  • Shell
  • Shell Foundation
  • SAAB Group Defence
  • Areva France
  • Abraaj Group Dubai
  • Havas Ad agency
  • McDonalds India
  • Dominoes Pizza