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Entrepreneurship & Philosophy Books

Entrepreneurship and Philosophy Books Below are some of my favorite books. I have read most of them cover to cover. There are a lot more books I have read in this category, but this is what I can recall so far. Business & Entrepreneurship Business Model...

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Art, Design, and Photography Books

Art, Design, and Photography Books Life, philosophy, design and art books.. Below are some of my favourite books. Most of these are visual focussed books so its less about reading and more observing, learning and incorporating in your work. Design The Vignelli...

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Pinterest for Design Research

Pinterest for Design research Pinterest is visual tagging and curating tool that is really useful and undeniably the most essential tool for any artist or designer. Most people are often put off by the overwhelming random craft design, home improvement, fitness boards...

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App Design Checklist

App Design Checklist A list of things that need to be covered in any App development process. Everything from brand guideline to email copy. I have been a part of two app development, first one a Cloud SaaS and other a simple iOS app. Marketing collateral Email Copy...

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Visuals for the Web

Visuals for the Web Or why you need to plan photos for web before you take any.. This guide is for photographers, content managers, copywriters, graphic designers and even art directors since they interface with copywriters and photographers. Most photographers you...

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Instagram Aesthetics

Instagram Aesthetics For artistes, designers and rest of the world My first listicle on a thing I care about art, design and aesthetics(on Instagram). I narrowed down top composition aesthetics that would separate your Instagram pics from the your average Instagram...

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