About Akshay

Product Designer who loves to improve designs, process, and build products that solve real problems, or just bring people together.. You should hangout with me if you have a burning desire to build things on paper, on a screen, or maybe a cardboard, or if you love producing digital content.

I am Akshay Chauhan, Product and UX designer.
Recently graduated from Digital Design and Development Diploma(D3) from British Columbia Institute of Technology in March 2016 .

I have been working in different visual designer roles in different companies since 2009.

  • Graphic designer in a brand management agency
  • Lead graphic designer in a web hosting company(In-house design team)
  • User experience designer in a startup
  • Independently worked on a lot of freelance web design projects to experiment and diversify my portfolio
  • Have a UX Design blog called DIY UX
  • Designed an iOS app called PocketSocial coming out soon

In my off time I like to work on side projects to learn new skills and force myself to come up with different ideas. I sometimes makes sketches, photography, and video document my work and share it on my Instagram.

Speaking Engagements

1. Designing enterprise cloud app
Gave a talk about challenges faced while designing a scalable web app at UX Design Therapy Workshop in Vancouver.

2. Service Design vs Product Design
Gave a presentation on What Service Design is and how it differs from Product design at BCIT School of Business, Downtown Campus.


Design Blog

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  • 1st position – Logo animation contest by Singapore Tourism Board YourSingapore Animation
  • NASA Space Apps Challenge People’s Choice Awards Round I