About Akshay

Product Designer who loves to improve designs, make scalable and efficient processes, and build products that solve real problems, or just bring people together..

Work History

I have had different product and visual designer roles in different companies since 2009.
For more in-depth information on my work details, see my LinkedIn

  • UX designer in a large Canadian enterprise 2016-2017
  • User experience(UX) and User Interface (UI) designer in a PocketSocial Inc. 2015
  • Product Designer and Manager at MantraTech Ventures Pvt. Ltd. 2013-2014
  • Lead graphic designer at MantraTech Ventures Pvt. Ltd. 2012
  • Graphic designer in a brand management agency 2011-2012
  • Independently worked on a lot of freelance web design projects to experiment and diversify my portfolio 2009-2014

Shipped Products

  • PocketSocial on App Store. Works only in Vancouver right now.
  • QuoteHanger App – Your daily does of curated inspiring quotes. On App Store

Arbitrary graph of my skills


Products Expertise

UX research + UX Designing

  • Content Management Systems
  • Knowledgement Management Systems
  • Collaborative Content Authoring
  • Event Management Systems
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Enterprise User Management
  • Multi-domain dashboards

Other Interests (when I am not designing products)

Illustration + Videography + Photography + Cooking + Kayaking

In my off time, I like to work on side projects to learn new skills and force myself to come up with different ideas. I sometimes makes Illustrations, sketches, photography, and video document my work and share it on my Instagram.

Speaking Engagements

1. Designing enterprise cloud app

Gave a talk about challenges faced while designing a scalable web app at UX Design Therapy Workshop in Vancouver.

2. Service Design vs Product Design

Gave a presentation on What Service Design is and how it differs from Product design at BCIT School of Business, Downtown Campus.


  • Bachelors in Multimedia and Animation
  • Diploma in Digital Design and Development


  • Product Management Fundamentals
  • Design Thinking: Venture Design
  • Design Thinking: Lead Change in Your Organization 
  • Design Thinking: Understanding the Process
  • Making 3D Presentation Materials and Mockups
  • UX Design Techniques: Creating Personas
  • Data Science Teams: Telling Stories With Data
  • Data Science and Analytics Career Paths
  • Content Marketing Certification – HubSpot
  • Growth Hacking Fundamentals
  • SEO: Keyword Strategy in Depth
  • SEO: Link Building in Depth
  • Video Production Techniques: Location Lighting 
  • Video Production Techniques: Location Audio Recording 
  • Vocal Production Techniques
  • Foundations of Graphic Design History
  • Foundations of Graphic Design History: The Bauhaus Movement
  • Foundations of Graphic Design History: The Arts and Crafts Movement
  • InDesign CS4: Typography Industrial Design Sketching


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Tools of trade

These are the tools I use on a daily basis to get my work done.

Who I have worked with

To see a historical archive of my works, see my Behance profile. I am in the process of adding design projects to this site but Behance is your best bet for a complete history.

I wear many hats, shirts, and costumes..

Akshay Chauhan - UX and Product Design based in Vancouver BC